Monday, November 07, 2005

the nice allergist

Greetings and Salutations,

So, I went to the allergist. She was very nice and asked me questions for something like three hours. Then came the biggest shocker of all....

get ready for it....

I'm allergic to cats. No, really! Cats! I can't believe it myself. It seems that I'm *tolerant* to Jezzy, the cat I live with, as long as she isn't in the room when I sleep. Other cats may cause me to have a reaction (wheezing, sneezing, etc.). I was totally blown away when they did the "skin-prick" test in the doctor's office and my skin totally had a histamine reaction to the cat pelt. Craaaazy.

In other news, I've recently changed my diet routine slightly to include more whole grains. I've been buying different dried grains in the bulk section of the Whole Foods and experimenting with them as hot breakfast cereals:

Cous Cous
Rice (ground)

I'm probably going to put oatmeal back into the mix soon, but for now I'm having alot of fun making these up for breakfast. So far Quinona and Rice is my favorite.

Remember kids - EVERYTHING tastes good with maple syrup!



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