Friday, October 21, 2005

More food

First of all - what I ate yesterday

B: same cereal & soymilk & rasins & oj
snack: green apple
lunch: Subway - veggie patty (I think its a gardenburger) with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, green peppers, cucumbers & red wine vinagreette dressing on the oat-wheat bread (six-inch) followed by half a bag of baked lays potato chips and an orange fanta (wanta fanta- don'tcha wanna?)
snack#2: two peices of chocolate from Lindt - all dark - all yummy
dinner: chinese food at the Panda place - cold noodles w/sesame sauce, tofu skin, mustard green and green bean, and a few of the dried noodles with duck sauce. Also about a handful of roasted salted peanuts.
snack #3 - one vanilla wafer cookie

I tell ya, yesterday was a heavy snacking day. I must not have been satisfied with the meals I did have.

I think I'd like to learn to make gyoza. Vegetable gyoza - mushroom and tofu based, maybe. Mmmm. I think the weirdest thing about posting my food is that I'm doing it after I've eaten breakfast the next day - so it makes me hungry then I realize that I'm full. Very weird.



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