Friday, June 10, 2005

I don't know this Judas Priest song

It's late, and I'm not tired.

I've gone from a childhood of "there's nothing on TV" to an adulthood of "there's nothing on the web". Either way, I'm just saying the same thing - boredom. There doesn't seem to be an evolutionary need for boredom - do animals get bored? Or just humans?

I think we've put ourselves into a lifestyle where boredom is an option. We live in a constructed lifestyle - so of course we have created for ourselves the luxury of boredom.

I'm sure this has all been said before, in better words than this.

Today I had a meeting at work - and it was a meeting designed to collect our feedback on the workplace. The Workplace is yet another constructed lifestyle - so naturally they don't expect us to be satisfied with it. They expect that there will be "issues" and "complaints" and "suggestions".

I think that if you give people an opportunity to present their opinions they will present them. Even if they didn't know they had opinions before you asked them. Their minds are designed to come up with opinions. Preferences. "I like this and I don't like that".

I think that's why I like to shop so much. Shopping is an endless stream of opportunites for your mind to come up with opinions & preferences. "OOh - I like THAT I don't like THAT I wouldn't mind having THAT...". It never ends.

I think I enjoy this Monkees song much more than that Judas Preist song I didn't know the words to.


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