Friday, March 09, 2007

et tu...Live Journal?

So now Live Journal is censoring breastfeeding images? Ok, I thought, if MySpace wants to interpret it's policy in some sort of bizarre way then that's just one group. But two?

COME ON PEOPLE! Is the sight of a baby at a mom's breast so erotic that we just can't stand it? I don't get this at all.

Someone please explain to me why this is becoming so huge of an issue.

Or - just become an activist.


At March 09, 2007 8:26 AM, Blogger Wire said...

Um, that post you linked to was written May 2006. Do we know how the story ended? Was she allowed to keep the pic?

At March 09, 2007 2:54 PM, Blogger Wire said...

Here is a copy of the eexchange between me an LiveJournal:

ME (excerpt): It has come to my attention that you have suspended another member's account because she had a userpic of a mother breastfeeding her child. Breastfeeding is not obscene, not sexual, is legal to do in public... and therefore completely inappropriate for you to censor.

LJ (excerpt): There are not blanket restrictions on default userpics depicting the act of breastfeeding, and the restrictions have nothing to do with targeting or restricting breastfeeding activism or awareness campaigns. We must hold to as clear and consistent a guideline as possible to determine the appropriateness of default userpics, in order to ensure that our standards are enforced equally for every user. Any usericon in which unclothed breasts or genitalia are visible is therefore inappropriate for use as a default icon, and when such icons are reported to the Abuse team, the user is asked to make that icon non-default. If an icon depicting the act of breastfeeding does not also depict a clearly visible unclothed breast in which the areola or nipple is visible, it does not fall into this category.


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