Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Food, food, food! - from the panic department

And for my first post of 2007 - here are some interesting food quips:

#1 Appears to be bad news for omnivores - US FDA approves cloned meat and milk for public consumption. Of course, because it's APPROVED, that means they don't have to label it any differently in any way. So, if you have some sort of ethical axe to grind against eating Dolly, then too bad. You won't be able to vote on this one with your pocketbook.

Lucky for us, it's just not economical for producers to make cloned meat yet - because the attrition rates are too high. Oh, so it's ok for us to eat it but not ok with g*d to let it live..hum.

#2 Appears to be good news for coffee & cake types - Starbucks is joining the anti-transfat wagon. I'm happy about it, because YAY less transfats in food. But - what are they replacing the transfats with, I wonder? Is it something just as bad for us that they haven't discovered is bad for us yet?

I'm going to just eat an apple (organic, from WF). For now, at least, they appear to be safe enough. :)


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