Thursday, September 29, 2005

no g-news is good g-news with Gary


I don't have much to report on today, which I think is a good thing.

Somewhere in Mississippi is a man with a flat tire. Yep, as you can see from his comments below, he got a flat somewhere between the shelter and the Wal-mart. He doesn't really need his car while he's there - but does anyone know the proper procedure for "what to do if you get a flat in your rental car and didn't get the insurance?" Anyone? Bueler? Please comment below with your opinion. Yep - it's my first poll. Wow.

For now, I think he's going to either get it fixed by someone at the shelter or at the next-door Goodyear place, which is open. He's also going to have to report it to the car-rental place, even if he patched the tire instead of driving back with a doughnut.

Okay, I guess I do have other things to talk about. Up until yesterday, he was sharing his converted-schoolroom with one other volunteer. But then sometime yesterday (while he was out working on another house-demolition) they added a ton of cots and moved in a bunch of red-cross volunteers. Now he's got lots of roommates.

Lucky him, tho, he got to keep his corner spot. It's nice to have the back at your wall sometimes. :)

That's all for today,



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