Wednesday, September 28, 2005

more of the same

Hi everyone,

The latest news from the Gulfport front is that he's still on the work crew today. They finished cleaning out that woman's house, and he'll likely do more physical work at another site today.

He told me that the most amazing thing was the good spirits of the person who's house was destroyed. He was very impressed by her equanimity - her ability to shovel up her life's "things" and toss them on the curb. She's ready to start again.

I hope more people down there are like her - ready to restart their lives.



At September 28, 2005 5:33 PM, Blogger Wire said...

Hey all! I just found out they have a computer room. Yay for internet access!

Worked on another house today. Only 2 feet or so of water damage so some stuff got tossed but most of it salvagable. Only needed to pull off the bottom half of the drywall but all of the panelling since it's floor to ceiling. Tommorow we go back to finish pulling down the walls then go over the studs with a bleach solution to kill any mold that's back there.

They're trating me well here. Hot meals for breakfast and dinner and MREs in the field for lunch. First aid station. Computers. A guy here is gonna try to fix my flat tire tommorow. :O I was thinking of visiting some of the more damaged areas just to see but I was scared of getting a flat. Looks like I got one anyway just running to the Walmart down the road. :D

Anyway, I'll have stories to tell when I get back. I am tired every night but somehow manage to go out again the next day. See ya all in a few days.


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